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Evening Classes

We offer evening classes each trimester to accommodate students with busy schedules. We are constantly adding new workshops, so check back often to find exciting opportunities to learn new techniques, methods, and styles. 

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Figure Construct Class

Tuesdays, April 18th to June 20th
4:30 to 7:30 (10 weeks)
Cost: $490
Instructor: Eric Johnson

Crucial to experienced painters and beginning artists alike are the foundations of drawing the human figure. A successful draft of the figure requires elegantly simplifying the subject to its most basic framework, but, once mastered this simple construct yields great dividends as the piece progresses.

In this course, students will receive individual instruction in drafting the human figure from live model observation and the academic method. Particular focus will be given to achieving dynamic gesture and conveying elements such as proportion, mass, and perspective all while portraying only what information is necessary. Poses range from three to six hours.

Those wishing to gain experience with the human figure and/or develop a more systematic approach to drawing and painting should consider taking this class. There are no prerequisite courses needed and all levels are welcome. 

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Evening Bargue Class

Wednesdays, April 12th to June 28th
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Instructor: Garrett Vitanza

For students who wish to participate in the Atelier Program, we offer an evening class in which students will work on the regular school curriculum. Students working outside the atelier program should also consider this class as it will improve your ability to see and think about value and rendering form.

Payment for this class be made in the regular Atelier Program "Tuition Payments Page" since this is part of the "Atelier Program."

Supply list for new students.