The Academy of Realist Art, Boston is an art school that teaches traditional art techniques in drawing classes as well as painting classes, using a curriculum that is modeled on 19th century French academies. Students receive individualized practical instruction advancing at their own pace while working to achieve the highest levels of draftsmanship and painting skills. This intensive and focused teaching methodology has a proven record of success with students enrolling as beginners and those more advanced. For a downloadable pdf about our school click here.

Please note:  Please feel free to apply at any point in the year. We will be accepting applications throughout the year, but new students should expect to wait until the fall to be allowed to enroll. However, if there are openings in a semester, and you are on the waitlist, we will contact you about registering for classes. Students who are signing up for full time status are more likely to be accepted, however there may be exceptions along the way.

ARA has exceeded my expectations! The instructors in this school are highly accomplished artists, which in turn is reflected in their ability to instruct. Class sizes are small and support is abundant. If you are looking to improve your technical skills and observation abilities, this is the place to go. I cannot recommend this school enough!
— Ryan, Atelier Student
The mood and atmosphere of support, teaching of skill and technique as a way of sharing information, has been wonderful. There is never a time when one feels talked down to, or incompetent or in competition with other students. It is truly an inspiring place to be.
— Lynn, Atelier Student

Breakdown of Students