Private Lessons

Private lessons are available depending on instructor availability and schedule. See options below. If you have questions, please contact us! 

How to get started

Contact us with the schedule you are looking for (once a week, once, every other week) and what you want to accomplish (improve your drawing skills, focus on painting techniques, build a portfolio for art school, etc). Most of our private lessons occur at the studio, however some of our instructors may be available to do these lessons in your home/personal studio.

Examples of Past Private Lessons

  • Meeting twice a month, 3 hours each session, focusing on indirect painting methods

  • Meeting once a week, one hour a session, to focus on improving drawing, working through our program assignments

  • Meeting once a week, two hours a session, to focus on improving drawing, working through personal projects

  • Children's art lessons, using a new project each session


Private lessons with an instructor: Each instructor has their own private instruction rate. Please specify if you would like to study with a specific instructor. If you prefer to study with an instructor and not a student, we can discuss options.

Private lessons with a student instructor: If you are looking for student instructor private instruction we can arrange that at $55 an hour.

Please bring a cash or a check made out to the Academy of Realist Art Boston for the correct amount each session.