The Atelier Certificate program is studied in two concurrent streams, each containing four levels. Stream 1 - Sight-size (Bargue, Cast, and Still Life) utilizes the sight-size method as practiced by artists such as Sargent and Reynolds and is taught through a series of exercises progressing from the “flat” - Bargue drawings in graphite and progresses through cast study and then still-life painting. Stream 2 - Comparative Measurement from the Figure utilizes comparative measurement exercised in the practice of working from the nude model. 

In addition to the core curriculum there are a number of supplemental master copy projects designed to reinforce specific principles and concepts along the way. Shape exercises, memory exercises, perspective studies, morphological and anatomical studies and technical exercises are recommended by the instructor. 

The primary learning outcome will be for the graduates to develop critical thinking skills allowing them to understand and analyze the structural conventions and technical methods utilized by great artists. Our goal is for students to select the formal techniques that will imbue their paintings with a nuanced beauty and complements the content of their work. 

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  1. You MUST be signed up for an equal number of Bargue classes.

  2. Part time figure classes are on Wednesdays or Fridays only

  3. Full time figure classes are Tuesday and Thursday (no part time students in T and TH classes)

  4. You MUST be signed up for both morning and afternoon classes for each day.

Track 1: Bargue, Cast and Still Life


Sight-size Bargue drawing:

- Several bargue drawings taken to a construct stage
- Final Bargue construct - take to a cartoon
- Value scale and transitions in graphite
- Bargue 2: Fully rendered Bargue in graphite
- Bargue 3: Fully rendered Bargue in graphite
- Bargue 4: Fully rendered Bargue in graphite
- additional Bargue assignments as needed


Sight-size Cast Drawing:

- Value scale and transitions charcoal
- Cast 1: Value Study
- Cast 1: Fully rendered charcoal cast drawing
- Cast 2: Value Study
- Cast 2: Fully rendered charcoal cast drawing
- Value scale and transitions with chalk and charcoal
- Cast 2: Value Study
- Cast 3: Chalk and Charcoal cast drawing
-additional cast assignments if needed


Sight-size Cast Painting :

- Cast Painting 1: Value study
- Cast Painting 1: Monochrome painting
- Cast Painting 2: Color study
- Cast Painting 2: Limited palette painting
- Cast Painting 3: Color study
- Cast Painting 3: Full palette painting


Sight-size Still Life Painting:

- Still Life Painting 1: red, white and green and of varying textures and surfaces
- Still Life Painting 2: ‘Tenebrist’ (high contrast between light and dark zones of illumination) painting with a theme
- Still Life Painting 3: painting's composition incorporates a perishable object (fruits, flowers etc.).
- Still Life Painting 4: the culmination of the techniques and skills gathered by the student thus far. This final painting is considered the student’s graduating work. 

Track 2: Figure


Comparative Measurement Figure Drawing Assignments: 

- Introduction to Comparative Measurement and beginning stages of figure drawing
- Value Scale/Transitions in charcoal pencil
- Fall of Light and modeling lights in charcoal pencil 
- Fully rendered 1/2 figure drawing or limb study in charcoal
- Fully rendered figure drawing in charcoal
- Independent study
- Fully rendered figure on toned paper with white chalk and medium of choice


Comparative Measurement Figure Painting Assignments: 

- Grisaille painting
- Drawing in oil using dry brush, grisaille to establish a value scheme
- Warm/cool study with a limited palette
- Limited Figure Palette painting
- Full Palette figure painting
- Student choice of Figure Palette (in consultation with instructor)


Comparative Measurement Figure Homework

- Bargue line drawing tracings
- Bargue figure drawing construct only
- Bargue figure drawing fully realized line drawing
- Fortuny Mastercopy in Carbon on Arches Paper
- Prudhon master copy in charcoal and white chalk on toned paper (part students only)
- Grisaille Painting project
- Master copy of figure painting in oil
- One additional painting (portrait, still life) in oil in consultation with instructor